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Dokken's Shed Dog Trainer


Dokken's Shed Dog TrainerNASHDA Endorsed Products

Dokken's Shed Dog Products are all North American Shed Hunting Dog Association (NASHDA) endorsed training products.

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Antlers may not be exported outside of the United States. Rules and regulations vary by state and may be updated or changed at each state’s discretion. The following states currently prohibit the purchase and sale of antlers: Alabama, California, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Utah.

Shed Dog Training DVD

Complete Shed Dog Training Basics

  • Introducing Your Dog to Shed Antlers
  • Shed Hunting Drills
  • Training Equipment
  • Sight Training and Scent Training
  • Silhouette Training
  • Using the Wind
  • Where to Look for Sheds
  • Bonus Footage of NASHDA World Championship
Shed Antlers

The REAL THING in a perfect size for training.

Latex Gloves

Heavy duty latex gloves will help keep your sheds free of human scent. Size XL only.

Plastic Training Antler
Scent Filled Base

Great product to get your shed dog accustomed to the scent of antlers.

Hi-Viz Plastic Training Antler
Scent Filled Base

Great product to get your shed dog accustomed to the scent of antlers. High visibility tips so you don’t lose it while training

Rack Wash

A scent neutralizer used with the rack washer for removal of human scent from sheds.

Rack Wax

This training scent imitates the smell of fresh antlers. Apply to clean, dry sheds or Plastic Training Antler. Use liberally for best results.

Training Collar

Keep your dog under control while off leash with the Sportdog Fieldtrainer 425. DVD included.

Shed Antler Training Book

Filled with training techniques to help develop your shed dog. Learn how to turn your dog into a successful shed hunter.

Classic Field Bell

Use this bell to help keep track of your dog in the field. Place on your dog's collar and it will signal to your dog it is shed hunting time.

Rack Markers

Tie these on a limb or brush to locate training antlers.

Pro Training Leash

A multi-purpose leash for training or walks.

  • Attach to any collar.
  • Attach brass snap to metal ring for obedience training.
  • Use as halter leash for added control when walking.
  • Waist halter for aggressive pulling dogs.
Rack Rope

Carry multiple training antlers with ease. Bright orange color for increased visibility when training.

Rack Washer with Lid

Keep your antlers free of human scent. For use with Rack Wash. (Not included).

Rack Strap

Attractive leather strap with logo can be used to proudly display your shed antlers.

Rack Washer Lid

Easy-off lid fits any standard five gallon bucket.

Antler Silhouettes

Train your dog in half the time with these highly visible training aids. Instructions included.

Whistle Lanyard
Pro Training Whistle
Pro Check Cord

A must for training obedience or retrieving drills.


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